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Caring for Cats Minnesota


Caring for Cats, Inc. is a no-kill shelter and foster network for cats and kittens. Our organization provides a home-like “catmosphere” for 35-40 cats within the shelter. We also have 20-30 cats and kittens living in foster homes throughout the year.

Over 95% of our shelter cats and kittens continue to find homes on an annual basis.  We also successfully maintain two community programs.

One is a partnership with Maplewood’s Gladstone Community Center and Meals on Wheels to provide seniors and other people on fixed incomes with supplies for their cats.   It’s possible to donate directly to this program HERE.

The other is our Cat Tales – Kids Reading to Cats Program where children ages 6 to 13 can come into the shelter and read to the kitties. This gives kids the opportunity to practice their reading in a non-judgmental environment and our kitties love engaging with children.  Learn more about Cat Tales HERE.

We are organized for charitable and educational purposes to help cats, and we operate within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended.


Every cat finds a loving forever home.

Mission and Purpose

Caring for Cats pays loving attention to the whole well-being of the cats in our care—-physical, emotional, and social—-so that they enjoy a long and happy life.
We provide the care and resources necessary to bring cats and their human companions together including:

  • A clean, safe shelter that facilitates play, stimulation, and socialization
  • Supported foster families
  • Holistic healthcare for cats’ minds and bodies
  • Community events, engagement, education, and awareness


We seek to see the world through the eyes of cats.
We are powered by dedicated, passionate volunteers.
We care about the impact we have on people and the planet.
We constantly seek innovative ways to meet our mission.
We are financially responsible and transparent.
Our work is life-affirming for cats and families alike.


In 2001, Nancy Mosier began caring for cats with special needs in the basement of her own home. She formed a partnership with veterinarian Dr. Sue Swanson to create a cat shelter. Their vision, even back then, was to have a no-kill facility that provided holistic animal medicine and care for cats with difficult medical conditions. They called it Caring for Cats, Inc.

In 2020 we built a state-of-the-art cat shelter with one idea in mind.  Imagine a shelter from the cats’ point of view.  The shelter opened in January 2021.  Despite the changes over the years, the mission has remained the same——supporting homeless, abandoned, stray, abused, or surrendered cats and kittens until they find their “forever” home in the community.


TLC Vet Clinic & CFC Save Lives Together
Read about our partnership with TLC Veterinary Hospital in Oakdale. Together, we have been saving the lives of cats and kittens for 10 years!
Check out our video of the thorough exams and healthcare protocols done with TLC for all of our kitties! (Our model kitty for this video is Fox!)

Trade Press, Inc. is a full-service printing company located in White Bear Lake, MN.
They have been in the printing business since 1984, and provide outstanding personal and reliable service. Trade press works hard for Caring for Cats, and we thank them!

CFC Partners with Pets Remembered Cremation Service to help Grieving Families and Shelter Cats
Caring for Cats has begun a partnership with Pets Remembered Cremation Services. Now when a family experiences the death of a pet, their grief can be transformed into assistance for our shelter cats through donations of food, bedding, and medicine.   
Read more about this partnership here.


The Board of Caring for Cats, Inc. provides the organization with both strategic and operational overview.  It is comprised of volunteers and consists of a minimum of three officers and up to six additional community members. Each Board member has a three-year term limit. Board members are recruited through community connections. The final approval of a new Board member is by majority vote.


Cori Griesgraber – Executive Director

Cats have always held a dear place in my heart and in my life. I am impressed by the level of care provided and the focus on the entire well-being of the cats at Caring for Cats, as well as the dedication and passion of the volunteers and support from the community.

Carole Hyder – President, Finance Committee
I have been an international Feng Shui consultant, speaker, author and trainer since 1992. I love Caring for Cats because of the heart-felt dedication by everyone involved to make each cat or kitten feel loved and special. ​

George Wilson – Treasurer
I am a husband, father, grandfather and teacher who has always had cats and grandcats in my life. I think it is important to be of service in the world and can’t think of a better way to do that than being part of the Caring for Cats team.

Dr. Sue Swanson – Director
I was one of the founders of Caring for Cats and currently own and operate the Cat Care Clinic in Mahtomedi.  I continue to provide supplementary veterinary services to the cats in the shelter. I am a cat lover who has dedicated my life and career to helping cats live happy, healthy, and long lives.

Kaylen Broms – Development
I am a huge animal lover and have been working professionally in animal welfare since 2017. I am excited to serve with Caring for Cats and love their unique approach to shelter life in Minnesota.

Ema Corhani – Development
I am a nonprofit fundraiser working in Housing Stability and Emergency Services. Caring for Cats is very dear to me because of the dignified way the cats are taken care of and the unwavering support from our community.

Joan Gecik – Director
I am presently the Executive Director of The Catholic Cemeteries, though I am looking forward to retirement in the Fall of 2023. I have been a cat rescuer since I was a child and am presently the “cat mom” of 2 older kitties, both rescued as kittens, as well as a stray brought to me by a neighborhood rescue group. I have been involved in many ways with Caring for Cats since 2008 and love the volunteer-driven and no-kill mission of shelter.

Lisa Nordling – Director
I work in Global IT for an insurance company as a Business Systems Analyst. I’m fortunate to work remotely from home where I enjoy the company of our two adorable cats during the work day. I was drawn to Caring for Cats by the authentic care and attention given to diligently ensure they are ready for placement and adoption. In looking for additional ways to assist the shelter beyond donations, service on the Board is an excellent way to give back.


Karen Brown –
 Cat Tales Founder and Social Media Team
Betsy Clark – Shelter Operations Manager
Cori Griesgraber – Executive Director
Carole Hyder – Board President
Vera Lordan – Volunteer Coordinator
LaNay Sanford – Intake Coordinator
Dana Wilde – Email Communications


Social media platforms and supporter engagement sites are a great way to share your volunteer service with Caring for Cats, Inc. and to help us advertise our events and encourage followers, fans, and supporters to share our story about finding forever homes for cats and kittens.

We rely on our volunteers, donors, followers, and partners to all help raise brand awareness in the community. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as we monitor our online and community reputation.

You’re amongst friends—sometimes.  As much as you might feel your own blogs, tweets, “likes”, follows, shares, or engagement methods on our social media sites (such as Facebook) may very well feel like your own sphere of friends and influencers, it’s really a public space. People can find you from almost anywhere on the internet, possibly seeing one post completely out of context. That post, comment, or public endorsement lives on forever, long after you’ve forgotten about it. So, think of your own engagement on social media less like a family room and more like a permanent billboard.

Spread news, don’t break it. It’s great (and helpful!) when we can use our personal online networks to share the great things, events, and adoptable and adopted felines at Caring for Cats, Inc. Please make sure what you mention and talk about is ready for public consumption. If you are in doubt, please ask members of the social media team.

Be smart. From a legal perspective, you are responsible for what is on your personal pages or what you post and/or share. Please make sure you follow copyright rules and any other relevant laws. When it comes to Caring for Cats, Inc.’s content, make it a process to “point, and not post”. It’s better to link to the content on our established communication channels rather than posting it on your own personal pages or other third-party sites.

Disclaimers or not, you represent. If you’re posting something that might be at-odds with the mission of our business, including a disclaimer is advisable — e.g. “these views are mine alone, they do not reflect the views of Caring for Cats, Inc.” Even with that, what you say in your tweets, other sites, and on your own Facebook page is just as much of a reflection of Caring for Cats, Inc. as what you do in your personal life (extent may vary, but reflects most closely when listing organizations or companies you work or volunteer for). Remember to not speak or post on behalf of Caring for Cats, Inc., and leave that to our Board of Directors.
Remember that with any Caring for Cats, Inc. post, you need to comply with our Volunteer Code of Conduct or other policies.

Being on any social media platform or site on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer while volunteering (unless directly a part of your volunteer role and scope) is akin to being on a personal call while at work.  Please do your best to focus on the needs of the cats, kittens, volunteers, and public during open shelter hours, checking social media outside of volunteer shifts.

Violation(s) of the social media policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including changes to your volunteer role, suspension, or termination.


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