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2550 7th Ave East
North St. Paul, MN 55109
(651) 407-8485

If using a GPS to drive to the shelter, please put in the FULL address, including the city, NORTH St. Paul.

Map and Directions to the Shelter

About Our Facility … 


“This is a well-managed, immaculate facility.”

“This feline rescue facility is an important resource for the community.”

“This facility is bright, quiet, compassionate, and well organized.”

“Standards of care are exceptional.”

~ Kennel Inspection Report from the MN Board of Animal Health

Remembering Your Friend

Make a Memorial Donation

About Memorial Donations

Memorials are a thoughtful way of remembering a lost friend or family member.   CLICK HERE to make Memorial Donation.  After you fill in the donation form, you will be prompted to write a memorial message.​ 

Memorials posts appear for at least three months on our and include the name of the memorialized person or pet and a brief message of 20 or fewer words.  Read recent memorials HERE.


Maybe you can't take in another cat.
Maybe you're compassionate but allergic.
Maybe you want to do more.
In those cases, please consider sponsoring a cat.

Several of our cats have special needs or are older, making it challenging to place them in permanent homes. By sponsoring one or more of these cats you can help us provide food, shelter, and healthcare for these wonderful animals, who need all the love and care we can give them.

You can sponsor a cat for six months ($60) or a full year ($120). We will mail you a letter thanking you for your support along with a picture and history of your sponsored cat, and we'll send you updates periodically.

Sponsorships make wonderful gifts, too. We will send a special recognition card to you and will mail a personalized letter acknowledging the sponsorship to your loved one.

Some of the cats available for sponsorship can be seen HERE (or you can specify "oldest cat" or another request on your form.)

CLICK HERE to sponsor a cat.  After you've filled out the form, there will be an area where you can specify which cat (or cats) you would like to sponsor.  If your cat is adopted, we'll transfer your sponsorship to another cat in need.

Your recurring donation makes a huge difference in the lives of our kitties.  Even $10 a month helps to offset the costs of feeding and cleaning expenses.

No donation is too small.
You are making a difference.
We appreciate your support and so do the kitties.



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Fiscal Responsibility

We are transparent about our numbers and are fiscally responsible.  You can find our latest statistics HERE.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead