Aja and Peter: A Caring for Cats Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, Aja (the Queen) arrived at Caring for Cats. She was truly a beauty of a cat…but a bit of a beast around people and other felines.  She had spent her first year of life on the street. When she came to the shelter, she frequently fought with other cats and lashed out at anyone who tried to pet her.  She took up solo residence in the shelter’s office, where she reigned and amused her subjects with her antics. Despite her quirky and loveable personality, we worried she would never find a permanent home.

One day, a prince named Peter contacted us. Peter suffers from several medical conditions, which keep him mostly at home. Despite these challenges, he has been a friend of Caring for Cats since 2001 when he moved across the street from the shelter. “The day I first walked into CFC, I made friends that I still have to this very day,” he says.

Several years ago, Peter became a permanent foster dad for a CFC kitty named Bootsie. They were happy together until she passed away earlier this year at age 17. “I was just devastated and did not want to go home to an empty house,” Peter remembers. “Caring for Cats stepped up and introduced me to Aja the same day.”

It was love at first sight! Peter has the patience that Queen Aja needs. “She was so scared when I brought her home that she mostly hid in the closet. Within a couple of days, she would come out if I sat on the floor and played the guitar. I’ve had her for a while now, and we’re doing just fine. We love to chase each other around the apartment. She loves grocery bags, and I always try to bring her new ones. She is not a lap cat, but she gives me lots of love and likes to sleep on my clothes at night, which I leave on the floor for her.”
“Aja has helped me so much to heal after losing Bootsie. I can’t thank CFC enough.  They are changing lives and saving animals every day.”   Prince Peter, we thank you, too! 

And they lived happily ever after!


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