Boot’s Journey with Caring for Cats

Back in 2006, a little kitten named Boots made his way to Caring for Cats.  He was three months old and cute as a button and he was placed in a loving home.

He lived with his new family for more than a decade and all was well until the new family had small children in the house.  

Boots could not get used to the extra stimulation from the kids.  He would get upset and attack the kids’ legs.  

The family was distraught.  
Boots was distraught.
No matter what they tried, they couldn’t make it work.  

It was with a heavy heart that the family reached out to Caring for Cats again.
Could we possibly find a caring home for him so he could be happy in his older years?

Naturally, we took him back into our care.

Boots was pretty down when he arrived back at Caring for Cats a few years ago.  He had just lost his family and it took him some time to adjust.

Even after he adjusted, Boots was hard to place.  We knew he couldn’t be in a home with children and he was often overlooked for younger cats.  

Boots stayed with us for a very long time and we showered him with love, all the while looking for a home that he could call “forever.”  

Enter, one of our Foster moms to save the day!  We don’t often talk about it, but Caring for Cats has a network of foster families who take in our “harder to place” kitties.  

On March 18, 2019, Boots new foster mom picked him up and brought him home.  He has been with her for over a year.  Boots loves his foster mom and she loves him!  It’s been a match made in heaven.

All was well until a few weeks ago.  Boots’ Foster mom is an essential worker and she has been working long hours because of the Covid-19 crisis.

After a long workday, she returned home and knew something was wrong with Boots.  She rushed him to the emergency room and discovered that he had swallowed a foreign object and it was lodged in his body.  He couldn’t pass it on his own.  He would have to have surgery.

One of the agreements Caring for Cats has with Foster Parents is that we will pay for their medical expenses.  His mom had already spent $800 for the emergency room and so she reached out to Caring for Cats to see if we would approve the surgery.

Our sweet Boots, who we’ve known since he was a kitten, was in need.  Even though he was an older kitty, he was healthy in every way except for this emergency.  

We approved the surgery.  We thought it might be as much as $6,000, but luckily, because of our relationship with the amazing vets, we were able to keep the expenses to $3,600.  

We are happy to report that Boots is home and recovering and happy, except for having to wear the “cone of shame.”  We’re guessing that even he knows that wearing that cone is a small price to pay to be alive and well and ready for mischief.  

We wanted to share this story with you because it demonstrates on so many levels, why Caring for Cats is such a meaningful organization.

As our name says, we care for cats — from kittenhood to the elderly.
We bring them back into our care when a placement doesn’t work out.
We keep them in the shelter and love them for as long as it takes to find them a home, even if they are “hard to place.”
We find loving foster homes for them so they can truly feel like they have a forever home.
And we are there for them in emergencies when they need us most.

We’ve been helping Boots since 2006, as we help each and every furry friend that passes through our doors.  And we do it as an all-volunteer organization.

It’s our pleasure to do because we are paid with love and support from kitties like Boots and from supporters like YOU!

Thank you for making it possible for us to do what we do — Care for Cats.


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