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The Basics of Feline  Nutrition:
What You Should Feed Your Cat

What are the best foods to feed your cat to keep your cat healthy, avoid disease, and increase longevity?  

Dr. Sue Swanson, Holistic Veterinarian and Caring for Cats Board Member

Emily Kissane, Your Host and Caring for Cats Board Member

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Do you feel confused instead of confident when trying to choose between all the cat food options? 
Do you wish you had reliable information for making decisions about your kitty’s nutrition?

Get Solid Advice from a Veterinarian on How to Provide Your Cat with the Best Nutrition.

In this video,  you will discover …

The Basics of Feline Nutrition:  The essential building blocks you need to know, and the best way to feed your cat may surprise you!

What to feed your cat for optimal health:  If you’d like your kitty to avoid disease and have a long life, it starts with nutrition.

How to read pet food labels:  Take the mystery out of the “mystery meat” in cat food!

What is good for your cat, and what to watch out for in cat foods:  Knowing what to avoid can make a huge difference in your cat’s health.

And much more! 

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The REPLAY VIDEO is available for a limited time!