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“God Bless April and the other Cat Tales helpers! Thank you for blessing cats and people!”

Thank you for adopting Chloe (Penne) to us!

Our sweet, crazy, funny boy came to us from Caring for Cat’s. Everyone here had his best interest in mind when helping us adopt. Thank you for taking care of so many sweet kitties like our Leopold.

Merry Christmas and thank you!

I am purchasing this sponsorship on behalf of my niece Katie, who loves cats and follows CFC on Facebook. She will select the cat she would like to sponsor.

We have loved our experience with Mingo (formally known as Chip with all the toes) and want to share some holiday spirit with the rest of the CFC cats!

We adopted our Koda 11 years ago from Caring For Cats and have supported this valuable organization ever since. We so appreciate all you do to help our feline friends that have been abandoned neglected or need a new home. I also encourage my “cat friends” to support your efforts by contributing volunteering fostering or adopting. THANK YOU ALL and please continue to save our feline friends.

Keep up the good work.

I am thankful for people who devote their time and have a passion for caring for animals.

Merry Christmas to all you kitties and your caregivers.

For the cats waiting for homes ūüŹ†

Thank you so much to every single volunteer. you have improved the lives of so many cats in this world. Bless you!

Thanks for the kind of people you are. You are good people.

On behalf of Pat Altendorfer, “This donation goes for the Torti cat that I rescued and Caring For Cats was once again a great support and helped this kitten find a path to a forever home. I just dropped her off with the Intake Coordinator and emotionally I was a wreck due to I couldn’t keep the beautiful girl due to the numerous pets I already have. She was sympathetic and supportive and I know this kitten will be in good hands.”

“In celebration of my beloved Calista, a CfC alum and the light of my life!”¬†on behalf of Kathleen LaBonne.

I have been commenting on all of your youtube videos long enough, I figure I owe you some donations. Hope this helps in these tough times. God bless!

My support goes to older cats who may have difficulty in finding a forever home. I hope my contribution will allow for a more comfortable life for these kitties while they wait for their special human to adopt them.

We adopted our Koda 11 years ago from Caring For Cats and have supported this valuable organization ever since. We so appreciate all you do to help our feline friends that have been abandoned neglected or need a new home. I also encourage my “cat friends” to support your efforts by contributing volunteering fostering or adopting. THANK YOU ALL and please continue to save our feline friends.

Cammie and Claire wanted to share with the other kitties!

“Much love to Boots and his wonderful mommy!”, on behalf of Kathleen LaBonne.

Supporting us during our ringworm closing,¬†Sherri Hildebrandt writes,¬†“Good luck from me and my cat Emma, who came home with me from CFC in March, 2015.”

From Carol Hendricks, “This donation is in honor of Max (once known as Basil), whom I adopted from Caring for Cats in April. He is loved dearly and is very happy in his new home! Thanks for all you do to take care of the kitties!”

On behalf of Donald & Jacqueline Adamek, “Thank you for providing a no-kill shelter for cats.”

Debra Krook writes, “Thank you for all you do for these precious furbabies!”

From Alexandra Zuknuft: “We are donating this for Mary Christiansen‚Äôs Birthday!¬† She is a wonderful volunteer for this organization and we hope to help as many cats as possible!! Happy Birthday! Love, Anna, Allie and Emma “

Denise Kelly:¬† “I hope this little bit helps take care of your kitties.”

From Patty Elovich, “I feel so bad that you’re dealing with this difficult situation. Best of luck to you!”

Jean Anderson writes, “I didn’t know about this ring worm issue. I pray it is over soon, and the kitties will be able to be adopted soon. I adopted my precious Jerry, and I have kept this name, since he knows it. He was one of the kitties who came from Georgia. “

On behalf of Steffen Wolkerstorfer, “Thank you for everything you do for our four legged furry kids.”

Kim Kilry writes, “Thank you for caring for the kitties”

Deb Lindberg says, “I have brought my Mom to your facility for “cat time” in the absence of her kitty,¬†Lucy, Good luck!”

Alissa Eischens writes, “Best wishes for a speedy recovery .”

JoAnne Sawyer says, “Sorry the shelter had to go thru this. I feel bad for kitties and all the wonderful staff helping them. “

From Linda Berndt, “God Bless you all there at Caring For Cats!”

Pam Hayes writes, “Hoping the kitties are doing good now!”

On behalf of Paul Tapia, in celebration of Lily and Mary, “Go CFC! The BEST!!!”

Sharon Williams writes, “I’m sorry about the infestation.¬† I hope it will be completely wiped out.”

Sandra Van Erp says, “Looking forward to reopening!”

On behalf of Gae Aufforth, in honor of Tubby, Wiggles, Corona, Kermit, and Ranger.

Emily Spagenske says, “This is the least we can do for allowing us to adopt Burrito and Meera!”

From Sandra Fritz-Gerke:¬† “Get well soon my kitty friends!”

Kathleen Salminen writes, “Keep up your good work. We enjoy your Facebook posts!”

‚ÄčIn honor of¬†Bandit, on behalf of Dave.

From Beth and Terry Lehmann:¬† In honor of Sully and our past, present and I’m sure future Caring for Cats kitties. ūüôā We can’t thank you enough for all that you do! Hope it goes as quickly as possible and the doors are back open soon!

For Houdini from Mike Lund.

‚ÄčOn behalf of Mary Schaefer,¬†¬†in honor of Patches.

Jessica Wheeler writes, “Your Facebook page brings me more joy than I thought possible! Keep up the good work!”

‚ÄčFrom Amy Armstrong, “Be well, little kitties!

Stephanie Holda writes, “I adopted Lucy many many years ago from you all and have since moved out of state. Keep being awesome and taking such wonderful care of the kitty babies!”¬†

On behalf of¬†Barbara Roehl, “We love Caring for Cats. Our Minnie (Minerva) was a former resident.¬† Hope everything is back to normal soon.”

Sean O’Brien says, “Get well soon!”

From Joan Gecik, “Hang in there! We will get through this!”

Mary Anne Pretzel says, “Ariana and I want to help!”

On behalf of Mary Schaefer, “I stopped by on Sunday as I was going to sponsor Patches. I was very sorry to see the sign on the door. Hope this helps!”

Patricia A Banina:¬† Facebook follower and love the posts — never fail to make me smile. Glad to help in your time of need.”

From Ryan Honstad:¬† “with love from Mogley.”

On behalf of Sandra Webber:¬† “We will take care of every single cat without fail and with all of the love and compassion that they deserve. THANK YOU to the fabulous people who will oversee this endeavor!”

Emelyn Frederickson wrote, “Thinking of you all and hoping the recovery process goes smoothly for the kitties! We are still so grateful for finding our Sassy (formerly Squeaky Bear) at CFC. Keep up the great work! “

Deborah Pfiffner says “I want to help with any extra expenses you may have, to get the kitties healthy and the shelter back up and running. Please use the donation as you see fit. I’ve adopted 2 cats from CFC, and will be forever grateful to you for what you do!”

James Degner wrote, “Best wishes to you and your furry friends!”

From¬†Mara Lieppman:¬† “Thank you for taking such great care of these beautiful cats!!!”

‚ÄčHappy Birthday,¬†Katie Stefanick, from Holly Vanorny!

It breaks my heart. I wish I could help more. I will when I can. I currently have 3 cats, going through a divorce and just lost my job but i HAVE to do something. Hopefully it will be much more going forward. Bless you for all that you are doing.

‚ÄčRose Newman wrote, “Thanks for saving and loving these beautiful creatures.”

From Jessica Grundhauser:  Thanks for taking the sweet calico girl I found on my patio. She deserves a good home. 

‚ÄčOn behalf of¬†‚ÄčGabbie Witt, for Tatoo:¬† We want Tatoo to find her forever home. We would love to adopt her but we all ready have multiple cat and my mom is allergic to long hair cats.

For¬†Taryn Guyer on behalf of Bridget Davenport:¬† I am donating in honor of the 2nd biggest kitty lover I know! Today is Taryn’s birthday, and I know helping kitties will make her, and the kitties, feel purrrfect! <3¬†

From Mary Dvorak:  We love Caring For Cats and all they do for kitties! Mary, Brent, Cammie, and Claire (formerly Yoko.)

From Jackie Alschuler:  Thank you for all that you do for the cats!!

From Valerie Couch:  You all give so much for the kitties!  Thank you!!

From Lisa Johnson:  Pets are expensive. Donations to help seniors keep pets are wonderful!

From Linda Berndt:  God bless you all for helping the elderly and their fur babies.

From Vern Voss:  You are doing wonderful work.

From Susan Stacey:  Thanks for all you do! 

Thanks for all you do for homeless cats.

Thank you for all you do. Remember to purchase cleaning items that do NOT test on animals, because many dogs and cats are used for animal testing. Johnson & Johnson is horrible for animal testing–avoid them. Look online for more info.

From Heidi Benedict:¬† “Love what you do to find these cats their forever homes.”

For the wonderful kitties and the amazing team that supports them at Caring for Cats, on behalf of Kelley Schmidt.

‚ÄčThank you for all you do for these precious little lives.

With a donation for our Litter Campaign: ¬†“I want to support older folks with their kitties because I am an older folk with two kitties. I have been helped by Caring for Cats. Thank you.”

Thank you for giving all these cats such a great chance to find their forever homes.

Please continue to do what you do. Twin Cities felines need your support!

‚ÄčYou have a wonderful organization.

Thanks for all the love and care you provide to so many deserving kitties!

Thanks for giving the cats windows and a fan!

My Frank came from your shelter & he’s a loved boy!

Hope the kitties like their new “digs!”

‚ÄčThank you for giving me shelter Care Bear, Kitty, Gigi and family.¬†

‚ÄčThank you for all the good work you do.

Thanks for helping cats.

Thanks for shelter, Clare Bear and family!

From Alpha Zeta.

Your cat food and litter drive for the elderly is a great idea and a wonderful way to support the community!

‚ÄčThis is my annual donation of 10% of my handmade jewelry sales. I hope it helps a bit in the wonderful work you do taking care of the kitties! Thanks for all you do at Caring for Cats!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Carole and Tom Hyder.

Thank you all for your support of the cats in need of shelter & rehoming. 

My heart it’s going to Hazel!‚Äč


Thank you for your work. We adopted the best cat ever from you in 2005. He continues to enrich our lives and we love him to death.

Thanks for being a hero to cats.

Thank you to Kayla and Nayla for helping the kitten we found in our yard. Our hearts break that we were not able to keep her. Please keep us updated on her progress.¬†‚Äč

From the gang at Eastside Auto keep up the good work you all do for the cats!!!!!

We adopted our two fur babies from Caring for Cats 13 years ago and counting!

I love supporting Caring for Cats! You do such important and wonderful things……keep up the great work!

Keep protecting and saving cats. You are a hero to cats.

Thank you for all you do!

Caring For Cats is a great organization…glad we can help out with this fund raising drive.

You all do and give so much to these cats, wish I could give more. Harvey and Bob say HI and they miss all the wonderful volunteers. Bless you all. Thanks for everything and so glad I found Caring for Cats.

Thank you for everything you do! You are helping so many wonderful cats live a great life that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to have. We are lucky to have people like you.¬†‚Äč

I adopted Eli & Ramona from CFC in Fall 2010. They were quite shy when they came to live with me; you would never know that now! Desi’s story reminds me very much of theirs. I would like to sponsor him in honor of Eli & Ramona.¬†

All cats deserve a chance.

A wonderful place for homeless kitties!


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