Remembering Our Friends

Recent Memorials


“In memory of my cat, Hamish”, from Karen Arnsdorf.

On behalf of Jerry and Theresa Carpenter, in memory of Nikki.

On behalf of Karen Kuehn Pet Care, in memory of Stonewall and Max.

In loving memory of Brett Tucker from Kenton, Debbie, Kaitlyn, Calvin and Dylan Doyle.

In memory of Brett William Tucker, on behalf of Nola Wayner.

On behalf of Caroline Dawson, in memory of Carol Brandt, “Carol you are always in our hearts and spirit.”

On behalf of Holly and Mark Paoletti, “In Memory of our loving brother Brett W. Tucker.”

An anonymous donation in honor of Laurel Boman and Josh Heinzen.

On behalf of Janice and Donald Allen “In memory of Edna Dahn.”

On behalf of Julie Brady, in memory of Melissa Wolter and Bill Wolter.

In memory of our dear friend Carol Brandt who was always a supporter of Caring for Cats. Love Nicki and Lynn.

In memory of Mary Hallenberger, on behalf of Paul and David Hallenberger.

In memory of Mary Hallenberger, on behalf of Paul and Amy Hallenberger.

On behalf of Nancy Gangeness, in honor of Shadow, a sweet kitty.

In memory of Mary Hallenberger, on behalf of Joan Salzer and Mike Casey.

In memory of Mary Hallenberger, on behalf of Marie Abney.

On behalf of Linda Baumeister, in honor of Anne Fosburgh.

On behalf of Tom and Deb Gaffney, in memory of Gretchen Maglich, devoted friend of felines.

On behalf of Bonnie Zimmer, in memory of Swilly.

On behalf of Judy Watson, in memory of David Schwietz.

An anonymous donation “In the memory of Joan Marie Straub”.

On behalf of Deborah Zanish, in memory of Emma and Max.

For John Ruffing, on behalf of Jade  Studelska.  “In loving memory of Uncle John.”

For John Ruffing, on behalf of Tammy and Steve  Studelska.  “In loving memory of Uncle John.”

On behalf of K. Skipon, in memory of Ethel Olson

On behalf of Steve Jelinek, in memory of Ben Jelinek.

On behalf of Leon Rodrigues, in memory of Ben Jelinek.

In memory of Karin Fischer, on behalf of Carol Bourquin.

In memory of Karin Fischer, on behalf of Elisabeth and Ronald Mettler.
“This donation is in memory of Karin Fischer, who passed away recently. She adopted her cat ‘Lily’ from Caring for Cats a few years ago and loved her dearly. Thank you for all you do for cats!”

In memory of Karin Fischer, on behalf of Arlene Johnson.

In memory of Karin Fischer, on behalf of Richard and Peggy Diehl.

In memory of Karin Fischer, on behalf of Thomas and Rosemary West.

In memory of Karin Fischer, on behalf of Robert and Lynn Waldemarsen.

In memory of Karin Fischer, on behalf of Constance Stroschein.

On behalf of The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in memory of Mary Hallenberger.

In memory of Peg Killen, on behalf of Kay Rehbein.

In memory of Peg Killen, on behalf of Kathleen Klukas

In loving memory of Tansy (alumni), on behalf of  Judith and Rosalie Tate

On behalf of Colleen Hermes, in memory of Karin Fisher, “We’ll miss you Karin.”

On behalf of Bob and Judy DeNardo, “In memory of our dear friend, Karin Fischer.  Karen loved her cats, especially Lilly.”

In memory of Ginger Peach, on behalf of Karen Kuehn.

From Pam Fahnlander, in honor of Squirt and Tuffy. “Thanks for giving them the chance at a wonderful life!”

“In memory of my friend Peg Killen”, on behalf of  Karen Sisterman.

On behalf of Chris, Jenny, Bailey, and Brynn Papash, in loving memory of Jim Hammon.

On behalf of Darla DeAngelo, in memory of Jim Hammon.

On behalf of Julie Hammon, in memory of Jim Hammon.

On behalf of Doreen McCarty in memory of Jim Hammon.

In memory of Margaret (Peg) Killen, on behalf of Theodore V Carlson.

On behalf of Jan Shevik, in honor of Benjamin Jelinek.  “In loving memory of you with hugs for your family especially your dad.”

In loving memory of Benjamin Jelinek from Cathy and Chris McCarthy.  

On behalf of Frank and Patti Mahoney, in memory of Ben Jelinek. “For a wonderful son, brother, and friend who was taken from all of us too soon.”

In memory of Peg Killen, on behalf of Cyril Michalson Kennedy.

On behalf of Jean Anderson and Judy Zielinski, in memory of Benjamin Jelinek.  “Benjamin loved cats and wanted memorials donated to CFC. This is a beautiful tribute in his memory.”

On behalf of Nox Voortella, in loving memory of Benjamin Jelinek. “The love and joy he brought into our lives will not be forgotten.”

On behalf of Jenny Carle, in memory of Ben Jelinek.  “You will be missed, Ben. Prayers to the Jelinek family and his fiancé <3”

On behalf of Larry McBroom, in memory of Jim Hammon.

In honor of Jim Hammon, who dearly loved his cats, on behalf of John and Deb Hammon.

In memory of my brother, Jim Hammon, who loved cats, on behalf of Terri Voight.

In loving memory of Jim Hammon, on behalf of Eric, Lisa, Lex, William, and Johnny McBroom

On behalf of  Elizabeth Mary Nelson, in honor of Margaret Killen, and in memory of Peg Killen.

On behalf of Jean Jantzen, in recognition of Karen Brown.

On behalf of Jean Schubert, “In honor of my tuxedo, Alfie, whom I lost in August 2020.”

“In honor of Fred Kraegel’s years of service, Thrivent Financial matches the generosity of Fred and Karen Kraegel.”

On behalf of Mark Sesbeau and Martina Rising, “In loving memory of our 22-year-old cat, Bonzai”

In memory of Emma and Max, on behalf of Deborah Zanish.

On behalf of Pat A DeLozier, in memory of Dolores Perkins.

In honor of Freddy.  From Donna Stockman “in Freddy’s name.”

In loving memory of Rose Bauer, on behalf of Thomas Bauer.

On behalf of Michelle Steidler, in memory of Louella “Honey” Larsen.  We shared a fondness of cats.  May you be at peace.  You are already missed.

From Pam Fahnlander “On behalf of Panda and Feisty – Thanks for giving them a chance at a wonderful life!”

In memory of Terry Aske, on behalf of David and Beverly Gebhard.

On behalf of Vicky Moore for Susan and Peter Borden, in memory of Cae, who spent many years with her loving family.

On behalf of Leah Schatz, and matched by her employer, in memory of Mr. Grey.

“In memory of Frida; she was a cuddly sweetheart and will be missed but not forgotten,” on behalf of Stephen Urbrock.

In Memory of Jinx on behalf of Michael Porter.


On behalf of Mary C. Combs, in memory of Snickers, who died December 9, 2020, at age 19 years. He was adopted from Caring for Cats when he was six years old.

On behalf of Dennis N Hervin, “In memory of our beloved Aunt Penny Bauer.  She deeply loved all her furry cat children! They enriched her life greatly!!!”

In memory of Doris Webber and her love for cats, from The Webber Family.

On behalf of JoAnn K Knox, in memory of Kiwi.  We have always had rescue cats over the last 40 years.  Our most recent loss was Kiwi, a 5+-year-old tabby adopted from the Humane Society.  She is greatly missed.  

A donation by Douglas Hudson Family Charitable Fund in memory of Lincoln Hudson.

On behalf of Tom and Betsi Kolden, “In Memory of our cat, Elliot (11/15/20).”

On behalf of Katrina Edenfeld, in memory of Tinkerbell.  “We adopted Tink in 2011 and she was a constant companion for 9 years.  We still miss her playfulness, her loud purr, and the sound of her soft paws padding across the floor.” 

From Kari Imberg, for her dad, Robert Imberg, “who loves and cares for cats and animals of all kind.”

Merry Christmas! And good luck with your move! In memory of Mitzy ?❤️?

On behalf of Janet Eitreim, “Given in honor of my dear brother John and sister-in-law Anne who love the kitties.”
From Gregory Gadbois, a donation in the name of Jean Gadbois

Rita Rainer writes, “In memory of Honey and Zge Zge. We love you and miss you so much!”
On behalf of Donald Brainard: This is my yearly donation in memory of our cat who lived to the age 23 yrs.

On behalf of Mark and Jane Heille, in memory of Missy (deceased 06/12/20), 20 years old.

A donation received and doubled twice by the employer, in honor of Kelley Biehl and Tony Hill’s wedding.

On behalf of Karen Kollasch for Kitkat.

For Heather Hacket in Iris Beach, California.  On behalf of Jo Steiner, ” A big thank you for beautifying my home with your awesome quilts.  They make me smile every day!” ​

On behalf of David Crittenden, for K.M.’s cat, in gratitude to our cats for their affection and friendship.  

On behalf of Laura Strand, in memory of Linda Ruffing’s husband, John Ruffing.

For Cracker, on behalf of Jenna Ramler.  Jenna write, “I had Cracker for 19 wonderful years.  He was by far the sweetest, most friendly cat ever.  I want to donate in hope another family will get as much joy with a new kitty that I was lucky enough to get with Cracker”

On behalf of Sarah Kacer, in memory of Hugo C. Cat, “My special little man, Hugo C. Cat went to glory on September 11th after losing his battle to kitty lymphoma and subsequent diabetes.  He was a lovely furry beast who adored all things breakfast and is missed.  May his memory help those cats in need.  Love all you all do.”

On behalf of Anna Yakesh for Mitzy.  “Happy 7th Birthday, Mitzy!  Love you so much!  Can’t wait to cuddle with you again someday.  You are dearly missed every day.”

For Bucky, best of cats, and best of kitties, on behalf of Elizabeth Rudolph.

On behalf of Dianne Marie McDonald, in memory of Phoebe, Pippen and Penny.  “These three cats were sisters who lived long, beautiful cat lives. Phoebe and Pippen lived 20 years and Penny recently passed at the age of 21. They were most loved by their family and have known only one family and one home for all their years. The sisters’ family was devoted to them, giving them the best lives they could ever imagine. I feel the best way to honor Phoebe, Pippen and Penny’s memory is with a donation to help cover a needed expense or supplies for the cats in your rescue. Thanks to your rescue, other cats get to the chance meet their dream family!”

In memory or Elijah McClain, on behalf of Letta Page, “R.I.P. Elijah McClain.  May his love for all living beings carry forward in his name.”

On behalf of Katy Buxton, in memory of Elijah McClain. 

“In loving memory of Lee LaBonne, lifelong cat lover and animal welfare activist on her birthday in Heaven,” on behalf of Kathleen LaBonne,

In memory of Chester, on behalf of Lisa Yost, “Chester was a handsome black cat whom was so loved and is so missed.”

On behalf of Kelsey Peterson, a donation made in honor of Lisa Barnes’ Birthday 🙂

On behalf of Kathleen A. LaBonne, in honor of Sweet Pea.  Kathleen writes, “The BEST kitty.  Gone, but never forgotten.  Always in my heart.”

In honor of Ted Bollmann, on behalf of Sasha DeMarre.

In memory of our “cousin” and great canine friend, Rex, who passed away this week, a gentle and playful boy.  You are truly missed.  With love, from Smokey Joe, Cameron, and family.

On behalf of Mary Dvorak,  in memory of Myron Dvorak.  Mary writes, “In memory of my dad, Myron, who was an animal lover as well as a true friend of nature.  Blessed be his memory!”

In memory of Taran, on behalf of Carlin R Polaszek.

In memory of a very #GoodGirl, Ollie Fallon Gervais, on behalf of Janet G. Link.

On behalf of Angela Liu, in honor of Tango.  “I will always miss you.”

On behalf of Clare Elliot, in memory of Samantha Jo, a constant and sweet companion whom I can never replace. (Adopted from CFC in 2007.)

In memory of Marvin Zahler, on behalf of Mardell Bentzen, 

In memory of Carol Barry, on behalf of Carol Linda Siluk.

On behalf of John Lordan, in honor and memory of Gary Lordan, who brought years of happiness to his Mommy, Daddy, Mollie, Shelby and Chloe. WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU GARY. <3

On behalf of Sarah Ehrhardt in honored memory of Robert Rivas Jr.  May his family find peace in this difficult time. 

On behalf of Juliana Chapeau, for Bob Rivas.  “For Bob, one of the funniest guys I have ever had the pleasure to know.”  

Craig Allen Lewis writes, “My friend, Bob, loved his cats.  I would like to give this donation in memory of Bob and his furry friends.”

On behalf of Sarah Sederstrom, in memory of Thea Marie.  Sarah writes, “We lost you April 2019. Thea Marie, you are very loved and missed greatly! Thanks to CFC for bringing us together so long ago.”

Ms. Tanuja Alwar writes, “In memory of our sweet cat, Sophia whose CFC name was Carlotta.  She passed away on July 8, 2019 at the age of 17. We miss her more than we thought possible. We pray that her CFC foster mom, Mary Lou Davis, is taking care of Sophia for us, until we ourselves see her again.”

In honor of my friend, Lee’s furry friend, Stewie, on behalf of  Linda Pirri.

In memory of King Louie Blagsvedt, on behalf of Jennifer Verbrugge.

On behalf of Callie Ann Reynolds, in celebration of Carolyn and Dick Young, “Thank you for allowing me to donate to such a wonderful cause.”

Diane Meyer writes, “In honor of Redmond adopted in 2004 my favorite ‘Bad Kitty.'”
Paul and Dorothea Jirsa, in honor of CFC volunteer, Mary Dvorak.  “We appreciate all you do.”

In memory of Emily Wenzel, on behalf of Susan and Alfred Williams.

On behalf of Janet Golden, in memory of the father of her friend, Ellen Nuenfeld. 

In memory of Patrick Murphy, on behalf of Brianne Tushaus.

“In honor of my coworker and fellow cat lover, Rhonda Schwartz,” on behalf of Rachel Budach.

On behalf of Steve and Joanne Hotvedt:  “In loving memory of our sweet Mia.”

On behalf of Anne Methany, in honor of my cat Maxwell Q. Hairington. He was a Persian with LOTS of hair. He was a rescue who brought me many years of joy and laughter before he passed.

In memory of Allison Bailey, on behalf of Ashuan Li.

On behalf of Rhonda Swartz, in memory of Irish.​

In loving memory of  Sparky, the cat, on behalf of Ms. Mary M Lind.

​On behalf of Sara Rottunda, in honor of Tea.

Alison Cassidy writes, “This gift is in honor of my wonderful daughter, who has devoted her life and work to caring for animals. Thanks for sharing your gifts and making a difference to God’s creations! We love you. Mom and Dad.”

On behalf of Sean D. O’Brien, for Charlie (aka Nogalas):  You were part of our family for such a short time, but you will be remembered forever.

Andrew and Joan Stark write, “In memory of Mark Lee of North St. Paul, who passed away in October 2018.”

For Sheila Lilja on behalf of Margaret Kelly.

Jennifer Kusz writes, “A memorial donation for Hazel (aka Princess Hazel Pea, or Kitty, or Punkin Seed, or Honey Pie, or as I most often called her, Pea. Hazel was my second kitty and she brought 17.5 years of love, laughter, silliness and sweetness to my life. Her gentle purr was music to my heart. She was the purrfect combination of spunky, silly, playful and sweet. I miss her so very much and I hope to see her in heaven one day. Watson is working very hard at filling the pawprints she left behind (much to her disapproval I’m sure), but our home is definitely not the same without her presence.”

In honor of Eric Sueker, on behalf of Katie Soleyst, “Thank you for everything you do!”

From Farr Ahmed: “I would like to make a donation on behalf of Jake Pearson and passion to help cats and kittens.”

“In memory of my buddy Tommy,” on behalf of Richard Schroeder.

On behalf of Rhonda Swartz, in memory of Irish.​

Donated in honor of Katie Stefanick, ‘volunteer extraordinaire’ at Caring for Cats, on behalf of Paulette Stefanick.

Alex Proesch writes, “For my dad, Norm Steffen, in loving memory of Goofy the Cat. “

On behalf of Karen Kuehn, in memory of Ginger Kitty.

For Loving Memory of Mary Lou Davis, on behalf of MCT Worldwide, LLC.

From Kim Beener, “In loving memory of our sweet Lucy – my little shadow.”

In memory of Tigger ‘Tiggy’, on behalf of Nancy Jenks.

On behalf of Keith Davis, in memory of MaryLou Davis.  “Mary Lou was a long time supporter of Caring For Cats. She adopted several cats over the years and we had great fun with them. May she rest in peace.”

In memory of Irish, on behalf of Rhonda Swartz.

On behalf of Mary Lind:  “Cricket was a fine feline friend to Melisa for 18 years. He was her wonderful companion, the one who always came to the door when she came home, the one she could hold like an infant, the one who woke her up in the morning, the one who always wanted her near him when he ate. We will miss him so much.”
On behalf of Lianne Guenther, in memory of Houdini.

On behalf of Mike and Sue Kearney, in celebration of Tom & Tracie.

In honor of Dr. Houston Clinch, on behalf of Mary Alice Sell.

On behalf of Rhonda Swartz, in memory of Irish.

In memory of Beverly Dolbec, on behalf of Bruce and Sandy Mack.

On behalf of Dana Low, in memory of Rhys, our little buddy, quick to purr, easy to love, always ready to cuddle. Forever in our hearts. Gone too soon from our side.

In memory of Irish, on behalf of Rhonda Schwartz.

On behalf of Rachel Slivken who would like to sponsor Patches in honor of Gordon Bombay.  Message: “My old man, Gordon Bombay, was truly the light of my life. Although it hurts everyday when I think about him, I also smile in remembrance of his beautiful soul. In honor of you, Gordon, I would love to give my support to any one-of-a-kind cat.”

In memory of Robin Peterson’s mom, on behalf of Trudy Kapaun.

For Michele and Mike Tibodeau, in loving memory of beautiful Branwen. “We’re so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl,” Jody and Ryan McNaughton.

On behalf of Ginger Glaser:  We’d like to make a donation to sponsor Nigel in memory of Tarzanna and Lewis, our wonderful black cats. And in sympathy, because we have similar “attack the cat indoors” problems with our current black cat Kiki. So Nigel, welcome to our “family” but without the “trooder cats.”

On behalf of Shirley Lee. In memory of our beautiful kitties and friends: Audrey Rose, Misty, Bridget, Tiger, Max and Callie. You will be forever missed. 

From Susan Levine:  In honor of my cat, Elisabeth, who will be crossing the rainbow bridge this week.

On behalf of Rhonda Swartz, in memory of Irish.

From Vicki Kapaun:  “In memory of our sweet Pork!”

In memory of Cindy Hocking, on behalf of Aliyar Durrani.

On behalf of Debra Major, in memory of her husband Richard.

On behalf of Shirley Lee, in memory of Audrey Rose and Misty.

In memory of Irish, on behalf of Rhonda Schwartz.

For Sly, on behalf of Ashley Brooks:  “We love and miss you, buddy. I’ll always be your person.”

On behalf of Carole Hyder, in memory of Roxann Keyes’ furry friend.

On behalf of Steven and Beverly Spilman, in memory of Steven’s sister Mary Hansen who died in a house fire in December along with her two cats and with thanks to Joe Hilyar for making us aware of your organization.

On behalf of Corine Fleming, in memory of Booboo, acknowledging her person, Monica Ramstad.

In honor of Mabel and Zelda, on behalf of Jane Bungum.

On behalf of Playful Paw Pet Care, in memory of Buffer, an extremely sweet orange tabby gentleman

On behalf of Karen A Kuehn, in memory of Ginger.

In honor of Missy Wronski, on behalf of Eric Olsen.

For the street cats, on behalf of Tricia Kasprzyk.

On behalf of Elizabeth Cleary, for Jack and Princess.

On behalf of Steven and Joanne Haase, in honor of Joan Gecik.

Dedicated to Jackie and Princess, on behalf of Elizabeth Cleary.

On behalf of Sherri Hildebrandt with this message:  Thanks, Caring for Cats, for letting me take Emma home. We’ve had lots of purrs and cuddles for nearly 3 years!.

On behalf of Barbara Sharpe, In memory of her husband Ford Sharpe.

For the wonderful kitties and the amazing team that supports them at Caring for Cats, on behalf of Kelley Schmidt.

On behalf of Carole Hyder, dedicated to Angelique.

On behalf of Carol Hendricks, in honor of her sweet kitty Sally who brings so much joy into her life every day.

Dedicated to Roscoe her wonderful cat from Caring for Cats, on behalf of Susan Brackman.

On behalf of Mary Ann Spielberg, dedicated to Jill Rich, and Grace.

In memory of Brad and Murray, on behalf of Mia Taney.

On behalf of Madonna French, in loving honor of her Gracie girl.

On behalf of Laurie Siever, in honor of Niko the cat.

On behalf of Jean Anderson, in memory of her beautiful Belle Kitty who she adopted from CFC in 2009.  She crossed the awesome Rainbow Bridge on 11-3-17.

On behalf of Christine Singleton, dedicated to Monster.

In honor of In honor of Bobby the Blind Cat, on behalf of Kristin Wood.

In honor of Emmy, on behalf of Kelley Meier.

In memory of Caring for Cats alum Bjorn, on behalf of Katie MacInnes.

On behalf of Will Myott, In honor of Hannah Murphy.

On behalf of Margery Brant, in honor of Squeek.

On behalf of Zuza, in honor of Hania.

In honor of Jeanne Kretchmer, on behalf of Kelly Kretchmer.

In honor of Joyce Tracey, on behalf of Michelle Brown.

In honor of Mike Stevens, on behalf of Linda Stevens.

On behalf of Linda Robb:  My friends Bill and Wendy just had to put their cat Bigfoot, AKA Biggie Dehkes, down after loving him for 18 years. Bill and Wendy are the kindest people to all humanity but they hold a special place in their heart for fur babies. Biggie will be meeting his brother at the Rainbow Bridge where they will once again enjoy playing and napping together:

Happy Birthday, AC, on behalf of Sharon Hoelmer.

In honor of Jessica Rasumussen, on behalf of Fred Tio.

On behalf of Terry Einberger, in memory of Raisin and Molly.
In honor of Ruby Benson Eileen as a Secret Turkey Gift.

In memory of Zoey, on behalf of Cathy Seiford.

On behalf of Ginger Glaser, in memory of Spunky and Tarzanna, who we found at CFC and who we lost far too soon this year. We miss you!

In celebration of Remy Smith, on behalf of Chelsey Smith.

Dedicated to Emmy, on behalf of Kelly Meier.

On behalf of Carole Hyder, in honor of Angelique.

On behalf of Carol Hendricks, in honor of her sweet kitty Sally who brings so much joy into her life every day.

In loving honor of her Gracie girl, on behalf of Madonna French.

In memory of Caring for Cats alum Bjorn, Katie MacInnes.

On behalf of Mia Taney, in memory of Brad and Murray.

In honor of Bobby the Blind Cat, on behalf of Kristin Wood.

In memory of my husband Ford Sharpe, on Behalf of Barbara Sharpe.

On behalf of Jean Anderson, in memory of her Beautiful Belle Kitty who she adopted at Caring for Cats in 2009. She crossed the awesome Rainbow Bridge on November 3 2017.

Dedicated to Jill Rich and Grace, on behalf of Mary Ann Spielberg.

Dedicated to Loki on behalf of Dylan Brenk.

In honor of Monster on behalf of Christine Singleton.

In honor of Niko our cat on behalf of Laurie Siever.

In honor of Roscoe our wonderful cat from Caring For Cats on behalf of Susan Brackman.

In memory of Irish, on behalf of Rhonda Schwartz.

In honor and memory of Gary Lordan, who brought years of happiness to his Mommy, Daddy, Mollie, Shelby and Chloe. WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU GARY. <3

On behalf of Carole Hyder, in memory of her cat, Angelique.

In celebration of Nathan Block, on behalf of Rebecca Schack.

In celebration of Nathan Block’s birthday, on behalf of Al.

On behalf of Robyn Taylor, in memory of Patrick Taylor.

For the two kittens that we rescued and LaNay’s love to help them find a forever home (from Pat Altendorfer.)

On behalf of Linda Bowman, in tribute to Juno and Iris, who lived at the shelter for several years until they were adopted by a wonderful volunteer and her family. Juno and Iris were always my special cats at the shelter.

From Emily Funk, in celebration of Ashley Horwath.

From Desmond (formally known as Desi), on behalf of Ericka Babione.  Thank you for giving all these cats such a great chance to find their forever homes.

On behalf of Bridgette Bruce, in memory of Twink, DMH Tuxedo lost to FIP.

On behalf of Rhonda Schwartz, in memory of Irish.

On behalf of Sarah Kacer, in memory of Jager, the cool stray cat who turned my sister into a cat lady

On behalf of Jessica Burdette, in honor of Sarah and Mike Kacer’s Wedding.

On behalf of Mary Spielberg: “In memory of my cat, Marvin, and my niece, Jill, who was also a cat lover.”

In honor of Dana Wilde’s birthday on behalf of Marian Buck-Murray.

On behalf of Carmen Romero, in memory of Gideon and Mossberg for whom CFC fought for until the time of their departure sadly arrived. May their memory shine always.

On behalf of Will Myott, in celebration of Hannah Murphy.

On behalf of Allison Roberts, In memory of our beloved cat Zoe who would have turned 19 today. We love you always and will never forget you. May you rest in peace.

On behalf of Karen Kuehn Pet Care, in memory of Frankie, an adorable and adored Ragdoll.

In memory of Ting and Romy.

In honor of Redmond, our Caring for Cats alumnus.

On behalf of Anne Farnham, in memory of Jean Idstrom who rescued many unwanted cats and kittens through the years.

For Andy, Misty, Mosey and friends gone before.  Thanks for shelter, Clare Bear and family!

For Pork, we miss you laying in a sunbeam on your back and your inaudible meows.

On behalf of George Jelinek, in memory of Cindy Jelinek.

On behalf of Gary and Marjorie Zabel, in memory of Cindy Jelinek.

On behalf of Nicholas Jelinek, in memory of Cindy Jelinek.

On behalf of Gregory Kraushaar, in memory of Cindy Jelinek.

In memory of Rocky, a very special cat that Playful Paw Pet Care Services, Maple Grove, MN had the pleasure of caring for when her owner was away over the past few years. 

On behalf of Maria Borbely Ralston, in memory of Alan Ralston.  My hope is that this donation will help many more people who find they need to surrender their cats because of changing circumstances, to care for cats lovingly, and to give them excellent vet care.

On behalf of the National De Soto Club, Buckeye DeSoto Chapter, in memory of Alan Ralston.

On behalf of Rebecca Fuller, in memory of Alan Ralston.

On behalf Nancy and Thomas Minske, in memory of Alan Ralston.

On behalf of Karin Fure & Thomas Szepanski, in memory of Ramona Ernst;

In honor of Joyce Tracey, on behalf of Michelle Brown;

On behalf of The Headleys, in memory of Alan L. Ralston, a true friend of cats and life.  He will not be forgotten;

On behalf of Douglas West, in memory of Alan Ralston, the greatest cat lover on earth, with the help of his wife.

On behalf of The Leech Family, in memory of Alan L. Ralston, a wonderful man that helped many cats in need, when nobody else would; 

In memory of Verna Joanne Focht;

For Jessica Rasmussen;

In loving memory of Gladys Suckow – a true animal lover;

In memory of Jake;

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Carole and Tom Hyder;

In honor of Sally, my sweet kitty;

In celebration of Felix (Adopted in 2012.)

In memory of LeRoy Anderson.

Merry Christmas to our daughter-in-law, Annelisa Carlson.

In honor of Stephanie Webber and Chris Hansen.

​In Linda Corbo’s honor. 

In honor of Nikki Christopher.  

In memory of our fur baby, Lacey – always in our hearts, you couldn’t have been more loved or be more missed. Love, Mom and Dad, Debbie and Frank Pfiffner.

In memory of Romy, who was loved by Jess Pearson.

In memory of Pork.

In honor of the 80th birthday of Darlene Boss.

In memory of Mabel – we have missed you this year sweet girl.

In memory of Sally Ann, one year later. We miss you, Mighty White Snuffalo!

In memory of Geraldine B. King.

In honor of Hannah Murphy.

In memory of Gayle Roettger.

In memory of Clarence, who was loved by all and gave the best hugs. May we all be more like him with a gentle spirit and a zest for life. You are missed and loved, dear Clarence.

In memory of Jean Hansen, a cat lover.

Happy Birthday, AC!

In memory of Stanley D. Rice who passed away on May 22, 2016, beloved husband of our dear friend Kathy Rice..  Donation made with love from Marilyn & Nicole.

In memory of Audrey Rose 1/6/16 and Misty 5/25/16. The best girls ever!

In memory of Miss Kitty!

honor of Sara Janz.

memory of Connie on her birthday, whose love of animals, especially her beloved cats created a magical haven. Rest in peace. Merrily.

In loving memory of Ruben who loved pets and now is sharing eternal love with them in heaven.

In memory of Juanita Seck, a cat and animal lover, and advocate. From Carol Carmichiel.

For Pugsley, who was dearly loved by Janette. From Marylou & Randy, Diane & John, and Mary.

In memory of my sister, Nancy Heller, my best friend, who died of cancer on March 15, 2013. She adored cats and rescued dozens of them over the years. Each one held a special place in her heart and home. Now she cares for all the kitties at the Rainbow Bridge. From Diane Meyer.

In memory of Jasper. Rest well sweet boy. From Joanne & Steve Hotvedt.

In memory of Linda, who left behind Lily & Qwill, 2 wonderful additions to our family. From Lori & Sid.

In memory of Mopsy, beloved kitty cat of Mary and Lance Kramer. We are so sorry for your loss! From you friends at GdB.

In honor of my friend Char Gulden. From Nancy Glass.

In memory of the Gillman’s beloved cat Becky. She will be missed. From Jessica Pearson.

In memory of Raymond and Julene Souter, from Carol Souter.

In memory of Lucy and Cody, from Susanne and Jukka Kukkonen.

In loving memory of Linda. All her life Linda rescued and found homes for many animals, including her current dog and seven cats. From Nancy Rowe.

In memory of Daphne. Much loved and sorely missed by Pam and Doug Baily. From Alice Engelman.

In memory of Charlie Cat, a loved member of the Parker family. He will be greatly missed. From Shari Reily.

For Ingrid Gallo, in memory of her beloved fur-baby Ancie, who was her constant loving companion for over 20 years through tears and laughter. From Laural Sledge.

In loving memory of my Aunt Lillian, a gracious lady, and wonderful cat lover. I miss you so much. From Janis Benjamin.

In memory of Samson, beloved cat of Andy, Annelisa, and Mason. From Jackie and George Barnes.

In memory of Brian Shannon – brother of our friend. From Twin Cities Running Club.

In loving memory of our Sammy P. who left us way too early and we miss him every day. He was the love of our life and the best buddy in every way. Love Mom, Dad, Suzi, Razzy and Magnus.

In memory of Silver Lady, our friend for 21 years. From David and Beverly Finley.

In memory of Nala. it has been three years and we miss you like you left us yesterday. RIP, we love you. From Amy Hilburger.


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